Getting started: Creating a Dispatch


Dispatch allows you to host your content within SCORM Cloud and deliver them to any LMS. That’s not all you can do with Dispatch. To see what all Dispatch can do, click here.


Creating a Dispatch package is easy, just a few simple clicks and you’re done! If your content works within SCORM Cloud, using Dispatch will allow your content to work in your LMS. Cool, huh? 

Creating a Dispatch package

  1. Log in to SCORM Cloud at
  2. Choose the course you want to Dispatch from your Library
  3. Click 'Share' and then ‘Dispatch


  4. If you want to dispatch more than one course, click the 'Dispatch' tab > 'Create Dispatches' > ‘Add Course’ and pick your course from the dropdown.  


  5. Click ‘Create New Destination


  6. Enter a name for your Destination and feel free to add any tags or notes that you wish and click ‘Save


The Dispatch tab will show all the Dispatches you have created. Once you have created the Dispatch, it’s ready to share with another LMS through one of these methods.


  • Download:Download the selected Dispatch package to your local computer. You can then upload the zip file to any LMS you choose.
  • Publish: Publish your Dispatch package directly to the target LMS with just one click using PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services). You will need to provide the PENS publishing credentials for the target system which include the URL, System User ID, and Password.
  • BLTI: BLTI allows you to link your Dispatch package directly to any LMS that supports BLTI by exposing the provided URL, Key, and Secret value.

Read more about Static vs. Instanced Registrations here.

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