Dispatch Functionalities

Some of you know a little of what SCORM Dispatch does, but we're guessing that most of you don't know all of the cool things that it can do.

We've put together a new section of our site to let you know about all of the new ways you can use your content/LMS with Dispatch and Cloud.
These new functionalities include:
  • Updating your content in Cloud automatically updates it for any LMS using your content. (Fix a typo in one place instead of 50)
  • Host your content in Cloud and deliver it to any LMS
  • Grant and deny your customers' access to your content (if you license your content on a per-use basis)
  • Ensure that if content works in Cloud, that it will work in any LMS
  • Deliver a course in your LMS and get unparalleled reporting via Cloud
  • Play SCORM 2004 content in a SCORM 1.2 LMS

If you'd like to read more about Dispatch, visit our new Dispatch page here.
We want to talk to you directly about Dispatch or any other questions you have. We love talking to people about this stuff, really!
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