Debug SCORM Dispatch on target LMS


In SCORM Dispatch, when you want to start allowing a new LMS to access your content, you'll need to send them a dispatch package (or what often call a skeleton package) which points to the content hosted in your SCORM Cloud. (If that doesn't make much sense, please read more about SCORM Dispatch here. The dispatch package is a simple single-sco SCORM 1.2 package that "wraps" and serves the host course. Dispatch ensures that if the user can launch this dispatch package, they'll experience your full fledged content on cloud.

 But what if the LMS can't launch the content? Then we need a way to discover why.

 To do so, the Dispatch package needs a small edit to enable debugging. In the package resources that have been deployed on the target LMS, find dispatch.html in the root of the course files


Once the file is opened, add

DebugMode = true 

above "function DispatchStart() {" - highlighted in blue in the screenshot below.


Save this file.  Then select all files within the package and re-zip. 

When you relaunch the course, you'll get a new window which shows detailed information about the interaction between the Dispatch package and the target LMS.



As always, if you have questions, feel free to add them here or send them to Thanks!

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