SCORM Dispatch - Reducing Open Windows


A recent question from a support ticket:

"Is it possible that since we use a launcher window oursleves - can this be embedded into the dispatch too? i.e. save an extra window open." 


And below, my answer that I think will apply generally:

a) One option, if it's available, is to set the launch behavior of your LMS to launch in the current window, which should prevent the dispatch SCO from opening in a new window. b) You can also embed the course in the dispatch window using a package property for the course on it's course page in the SCORM Cloud website at To do so, go to the course page for your course, go down to the "Course Properties" section, open it using the "Show Course Properties" link, click the "Launch Behavior" tab and change the "SCO Launch Type" option from "New Window" to "Frameset".

There are some important caveats to note when setting this option, in the context of dispatch. First, the courseware is required to implement an API discovery algorithm as recommended in the SCORM spec, which searches starting at the current window and upwards through it's parent frames / windows (for an example of this algorithm, see Typically, many clients won't ever have to worry about this, but some courses implement an algorithm that attempts to search top-down, that is, they start with the top most frame / window and search through child frames. This can result in security related javascript errors in a dispatch setting since there is a frame hierarchy which includes locations from separate domains. Second, it's highly recommended that the course is exited normally, i.e. by the user's interactions leading to the course calling Finish or Terminate, rather than the course being exited by closing the dispatch window. In browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome, an abnormal termination of the course by closing the dispatch window (when the course is embedded within the dispatch window) could lead to loss of data.

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