Getting Error Creating Debug Log: undefined When Launching Content



When launching content in the Cloud from my IE browser, I am getting the attached Error Creating Debug Log: undefined error, what is causing this? The course/SCORM Cloud works fine in Chrome and Firefox.


We have seen this message when learners are using Internet Explorer with Active X being turned off with content that needs Active X to run. So far, we have found two things that have gotten learners around this (aside from using the other browser):

1. Navigate to Tools --> Internet Options --> Click on the Security Tab --> Click on Internet --> Click on the Advanced button --> Scroll down to make sure Allow Active X Scriptlets is enabled...

2. If you are running Anti-Virus software, you may want to check it to see if it does any Active X filtering, if so, you should check to see if you can add SCORM Cloud ( as an exception.

As with any security changes, you should consult your IT department to make sure these changes are allowed within your network...if you do not feel comfortable making these changes, you may want to just use another browser.

Let us know if you have any other questions. You can email us at

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