Internet Explorer and SCORM Cloud Troubleshooting


Having issues with SCORM Cloud and using Internet Explorer? Don’t fret, we’re here to help. Before you submit a support ticket, take a look at these helpful hints to troubleshoot SCORM Cloud in Internet Explorer.


It’s important to note that SCORM Cloud supports Internet Explorer 6 and higher. Not using one of those versions? Upgrading might help. (All screenshots below were taken using IE 8)

You could try: Making sure you accept 3rd Party cookies 


1. Open a new browser session 

2. Click 'Tools'


3. Select 'Internet Options'


4. Select the ‘Privacy’ tab and click ‘Advanced’

5. Verify you accept Third-party Cookies and click ‘OK’


6. Close your browser and open a new session in order for your new settings to take effect.


You could try: Deleting your Cache and Cookies. 

1. Open a new browser session 

2. Click 'Tools' and select 'Internet Options'


3. Click ‘Delete’
4.  Check the Temporary Internet files box and Cookies box  and click ‘Delete’
5. Click ‘OK’

You could try: Adding as a trusted site


1. Open a new Browser Session

2. Click 'Tools'

3. Select 'Internet Options'

4. Click the 'Security' tab 
5. Select the 'Trusted sites' icon and click 'Sites'
6.Type to add the website to the zone, click ‘Add’ and then ‘Close’
7. Click 'OK'
If your company does a lot of site “blacklisting” you may want to get moved to the approved sites list. You can also try using a different web browser, such as  FireFox or Google Chrome. 
Still experiencing trouble using SCORM Cloud in IE, send us a support ticket and we’ll sort it out. 
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    I have followed all these actions I also unticked the https box in trusted sites (step 6 in adding cloud corm) to trusted sites to allow http from scorm still I have the same pop up box saying content authorization failed

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    Jena LaWing

    Hi Alex- 

    Thanks for reaching out. We will be troubleshooting this issue from your support ticket. 

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