Incorrect Data Type Error for cmi.interactions



We have a course that behaves normally from a tracking and bookmarking standpoint; however, in the quiz in the course, on a matching question, if you only match up one of the items and click continue, the course throws an error: "LMSSetValue Error: cmi.interactions.10.student_response to [1.A,,]Incorrect Data Type". What is the cause of this?



It looks like the value that the course is sending is formatted incorrectly, there should not be empty strings between the commas.

It is relatively common for SCORM 1.2 course to report interaction results incorrectly though. The 1.2 spec wasn't as explicit or clear on the formatting as the 2004 spec and the test suites didn't test the results format very thoroughly. Because of that, we have a package property that allows you to disable the interactions result format checking.

In the Cloud, uncheck "Enable Validation of SCORM Interaction Results" and test it again. That should get rid of the error.

For some further background reading, if you're interested:

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