ScoTube: Advanced Troubleshooting Guide


We both know why you’re here. Somewhere along the way, you ran into some trouble while uploading a video file in SCORM Cloud. Now, before we provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to work around these problems, there’s something we would like you to know. Digital video is a tricky beast. Digital video has several different file formats and codecs, making it difficult for us to support all of them. As of now, we support several formats (.flv, .mov, .mp4., .m4v, .f4v) and the h.264 codec. If you run into a problem uploading/converting a video, we will do our best to help diagnose your problem and provide a solution.

Here are some things that could be causing problems for you:

  1. Bandwidth – Big files require big pipes. You may experience long upload times if you have low bandwidth.
  2. Supported Browsers (*Flash enabled)
    • Versions of Safari currently supported by the developer.
    • Versions of Google Chrome currently supported by the developer.
    • Versions of Firefox currently supported by the developer.
    • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, currently supported by the developer.
  3. File Size – Is your file bigger than 100MB? Check out Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip for help compressing your file. To see a tutorial of compressing video with MPEG Streamclip, click here.
  4. File Format/Codec – There are two things here you need to watch out for here. There are lots of file types out there, and even more codecs. To make things a little less complicated, we’ve decided to support a few different file types such as .flv, .mov, .mp4., .m4v, and .f4v. We also support only one codec, h.264. Need to change formats or codecs? No problem, Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip make converting your file simple.

If you are still having problems uploading your video and you don’t want your video available to the entire world of YouTube, then making a private YouTube video just may be the ticket. Just upload your video to your YouTube account. Select the “unlisted video” option and use that link in ScoTube. Your video will only be available to people that YOU want to see it. To learn more about YouTube’s privacy policy, check this out.

Looking for a little more help? Send us an email at, we’ll be happy to help you out.

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