My Quizzage survey is showing a score. Help!



I built a survey with Quizzage but it is showing my learners a score when they complete the survey. Can I change that?


Yes but I need to explain a few things first.

SCORM, as a learning standard, likes to track the Big Four (among other things): progress, time spent,  completion status and score. When you create a Quizzage, you are creating a SCORM course. This means that it is designed to track the Big Four.

In order to avoid showing your learners a failed score at the completion of your survey, you will need to modify the Final Report Template in your Quizzage settings.

Here’s how to do that:

1.  Click “Quizzage” in the blue Add Content box in the top right of your SCORM Cloud account.


2. Choose your course from your existing template list or create a new template.


3. Click “Show Settings”


4.  Click “Appearance” and scroll down to “Final Report Template”


The Final Report Template, by default, is looking for a score. From here, all you have to do is edit the template to your liking. Change some, change all, leave it blank,  it’s completely up to you. Don’t worry about deleting any of the HTML code- it’s just how we built the default template.


Then, all you have left to do is save your changes and Publish your course. Here’s what an example of an altered Final Report Template as it appears to your learners.  

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