SCORM Cloud and Apple™ and Android™



Does SCORM Cloud work on Apple and Android products?


This is a common question. The short answer is ‘yes’- you can access SCORM Cloud from any iOS or Android device.  The longer answer is that it will depend on the type of content that you are playing in SCORM Cloud. 

As you know, Flash content doesn’t work on mobile devices, which could be problematic for you. In these scenarios, HTML5 serves as a great alternative. 

Check out our WordPress demo site, TreeLearn, to test out an awesome course made by our friends at  Articulate using Storyline. This course is so smart that it uses Flash by default if the browser has it enabled. If it can’t find Flash, then it will use HTML5 instead. To get an idea of  how cool that really is, try starting the course from your desktop (which will play the course using Flash). Exit out of the course and then relaunch it from  your iPad- it picks up right where you left off, but now using HTML5. How’s that for cool?

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