Using FTP to upload courses for API and App Integrations


Want to use the FTP service to upload content and need to direct it to your application? You can FTP or FTPS directly into your app by following the steps below (*Updated March 1st, 2021: Please note that we don't currently support Filezilla.):


1. Log into using your SCORM Cloud user ID (which is your email address) and password.

2. You will see a folder for each realm of which you are an owner. Select the realm where you set up the application, and select the application where you want to upload the course. This will be named by the application ID. 

3. Upload your course file into the uploads folder. 

4. Once your upload is complete, you should see the course file on this page (after a refresh). Simply click import and your course will be imported into your SCORM Cloud library.

5. To complete the import process, you will need to replace <> with the filename and <appId> with your appId to customize the following URL with your unique information :<>&success=true&appId=<appId>

Here is an example of a what the URL would look like when updated:


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