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I have 12 courses that I would like to upload to SCORM Cloud. Do I need to upload each course individually?


Of course not! You can upload multiple courses to SCORM Cloud by zipping together all of your course zip files. All you have to do is combine all of your course zip  files of your courses into one .zip file. You can import this file using the SCORM Cloud interface, the v2 API, or FTP.

Here’s how to combine your courses:

1. Put all of your courses in the same place for easy access. I like to use my Desktop.

2. Create a new folder on your Desktop

3. Move your zipped course files into your new folder

4. Select your course files and then zip them up

5. Import the  new zipped file into SCORM Cloud




Ta-da!! All of your courses will now appear in your Library.

*Please note, when bulk importing, you're not able to specify a courseID. It will be automatically assigned during the import process. Details here on how to specify a courseID on import.

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