Managing PENS and Versioning



Does PENS support adding a new course version already in my SCORM Cloud account? 



Sure does. SCORM Cloud  supports versioning and handles it differently depending on the status of the course. If the course imported via PENS is the exact same course ID, it will create a new version of that course in SCORM Cloud if there is existing registration / user activity associated with that course. If not, it will update the assets of that course.

Once the updated version is sent to SCORM Cloud via PENS, you will have the following options to set, depending on if you have any outstanding registrations or not.  Here’s a screenshot of where to go to manage these settings.


You have several different options when it comes to handling existing registrations with a new version of a course.

Move Existing Registrations To Newest Version When:

  • Never – always keep them on the old version
  • If Incomplete – only if they haven’t completed the old version
  • When Completed – once the old version is completed, launch new version
  • When Failed – only if they have finished and failed the old version
  • When Passed – only if they have finished and passed the old version
  • Always – next launch will start them on newest version

Once you decide how to handle your existing registrations(if any), click ‘Save’

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