Course Updates Not Reflected


In SCORM Cloud, we offer the option to overwrite existing course assets, as a way to help the upload-test-edit cycle that might be common in testing courses on our SCORM Cloud website. However, sometimes we hear reports of folks who do not see the updates they've posted. In nearly all cases, we've discovered the core issue is that the original package and the update package don't have the same structure.

When updating assets, we just overlay the update zip you post on top of the existing course assets. Because of this, the update zip has to have the same structure as the course zip, even if it is a sparse zip file. For example, if the original package had a structure like this:







In this case, to update the image.jpg file, you'll need to post a zip file with this structure:



Note that the file must be the same name and must have the same path in the update zip as it did in the original package. If you still experience a problem, let us know at

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