Video Optimization for SCORM Cloud


I stream, You stream, We stream with videos!  Whether you are using videos of your own within your courses or using ScoTube, having a seamless user experience is important. Pseudo-streamingProgressive downloading is a way to make sure that your videos don't download slowly. Take a look at these walkthroughs to optimize your video for streaming. 

Using Handbrake

1. Import your video to Handbrake 

2. Check the box for 'Web Optimized'.


3. Hit the "Start" button and encode your video with the h.264 codec.

4.  Upload your video to SCORM Cloud using ScoTube

Using MPEG Streamclip 

1. Import your video to MPEG StreamClip

2. Click 'File' and chose your export location (ie: QuickTime) 

3. Click 'Options'



4.   Check the box 'Fast Start' 


5. Click 'Make Movie'

6. Import your new file to ScoTube

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