SCORM Cloud Package Properties Editor Supported Languages

Wondering what language files we support for the package properties editor in SCORM Cloud? You aren’t alone. We’ve had a few support tickets coming in lately wondering the same thing. 

The package properties editor in SCORM Cloud supports the following language settings:
  • ar-sa - Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
  • cy-gb - Welsh (United Kingdom)
  • da-dk - Danish (Denmark)
  • de - German
  • en-gb - English (United Kingdom)
  • es - Spanish (Spain)
  • fi - Finnish
  • fr - French (standard)
  • it - Italian (standard)
  • ja-jp - Japan (Japan)
  • en-us - English (United States)
  • nl - Dutch (standar)
  • pt-BR - Portuguese (Brazil)
  • ru - Russian
  • sv-se - Swedish (Sweden)
  • zh-cn - Chinese (PRC)
  • zh-tw - Chinese (Taiwan)

If you are set to a language we don’t support, your language settings will default to English.  Remember this only applies to the course properties section and the player itself, not the whole Cloud interface.

Seeing some errors or unconventional language in our translations? Feel free to let us know.
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