Uploading Large Files to SCORM Cloud


When dealing with the import of larger files on SCORM Cloud, you will sometimes run into timeout errors when importing.  Instead of using the normal import control on the SCORM Cloud main page, you can upload the file to the 'default' folder that resides in your  'uploads' folder on the Cloud FTP. Or you can choose the Realm and AppID you'd like the course to reside in and drag/drop the course in there.  You should be able to use your normal FTP or FTPS client to get the file up there (FTP example: Cyber Duck). (*Updated March 1st, 2024: *Please note that we don't currently support Filezilla.)

FTP credentials:
UserName: Your SCORM Cloud UserName 
Password: Your SCORM Cloud Password

1. Select the Realm, which will branch out into the different applications available

2. Select the application (Note: the default Application is called "SCORMCloud")

3. Drop the course into the the "Uploads" folder.

4. Once you have the file up there, log in to your SCORM cloud account ( in the top right-hand portion of the screen, you should see a link when you click the `Add Content` button that reads 'Import from your FTP Space'. Click on that, it will give you a list of all of the files you uploaded.


5. Find the zip file you placed on the FTP, then click the 'import' link that should be to the right. You can also specify a courseID for import by clicking the associated button on that screen.


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