Reset Globals vs. Reset Progress



In the cloud, there is a button labeled "Reset Globals" and another labeled "Reset Progress". Would you please explain what they do and how they are different from each other?



Both of those buttons are there for development and testing purposes. Basically, they let you reset the course data and start fresh.

The difference between the two buttons is simply a matter of which data to reset. “Reset Progress” resets the standard SCORM data that you are familiar with. The completion, satisfaction, score etc for the given course.

SCORM 2004 also defines a concept of globally shared data. This data is shared across courses. For example, you might have a course on Mastering MS Word and and another on Mastering MS Excel. In both course there is a SCO related to customizing the tool bar. In SCORM 2004, you could use global data to say that if the learner mastered the art of customizing the tool bar in the Word course, then he can skip that section of the Excel course. Technically, the global data is independent of the local progress data. The “Reset Globals” button allows you to reset this data and start from a completely blank slate.

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