Uploading Courses to Apps using SCORM Cloud


Everyone hates waiting. So we've made it easy to upload your courses to SCORM Cloud and directly into your App instead of experiencing long wait times uploading your courses into your App. Read on, impatient ones...


1. Log in to SCORM Cloud

2. Click the Add Content and Import a SCORM, AICC, xAPI, or cmi5 package button



3. Choose where to import your course. In this example I will import my course into my WordPress App 



4. Click Choose File > Select your course > click Import Course


5. Your course will be added to your Library 



Now your course is ready to be launched from your Application or even directly from SCORM Cloud. 


Let us know if you have any questions along the way. We're here to help. 

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  • Avatar
    Victor T

    Hi Jena,

    What is this WordPress apps that you're referring to?

    I am not aware if there is Course apps by WordPress. But would be glad to know if there is such thing.

    If you don't mind to explain in more details here.



  • Avatar
    Jena LaWing

    Hi Victor, 

    We've made it even easier to upload courses  by adding the ability to add courses to your apps (such as Moodle, Sakai or WordPress) directly from SCORM Cloud. Just follow these instructions and your courses will be added to your WordPress site. By using these steps, you won't have to create a dispatch or export your content out of SCORM Cloud. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions at 

  • Avatar
    Jena LaWing


    Here is a courseware plugin:


    You will need to extend the SCORM Cloud-WordPress plugin to support use in conjunction with the courseware plugin. 

  • Avatar
    Victor T

    Hi Jena,

    Thanks for your reply and explanation.

    FYI, I notice that SP Courseware plugin is only compatible up to WP 2.9.2

    I'm afraid the plugin won't work with my current WP 3.2.1

    On the other hand, I'm using the following Courseware plugin:

    Do you think there is possibility for it to link / extend with SCORM plugin?


    Best regards

  • Avatar
    Jena LaWing


    We have worked with BuddyPress a while back, so you may see some functionality there with SCORM Cloud. You will be able to extend this plugin as much as you would like, just may take a little work on your end. 




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