Getting Started: How to find sample content


SCORM Cloud without any content is basically useless. There’s just not a lot you can do without it. There could be an endless amount of reasons your SCORM Cloud account is essentially naked.  Maybe you’re waiting on your content to be created by an awesome content creator. It could be that you just don’t have content to put in SCORM Cloud. Fret not, you do have some options.

If you’re shopping around for a content vendor check out the eLearning Atlas. Whether you want to have custom content created or you want to buy off the shelf content, the eLearning Atlas has it all. We spent a lot of time looking around the eLearning industry just trying to find everyone and the eLearning Atlas is a reflection of that search. Take a look around and find a company that fits your needs perfectly.

Just want some sample content to show you what  SCORM Cloud is like? You can download The Best SCORM Samples on the Internet. We put these together as sample content, so they aren’t graphically exciting, but they serve their purpose. Give them a whirl!  

You can also make your own content from within SCORM Cloud. With ScoTube, you can wrap your videos (either videos you upload or YouTube videos) in SCORM-y goodness and have SCORM courses just like that. Want to make simple quizzes or surveys to share with your learners? Check out Quizzage, our quiz building tool.

So there you have it. Simple ways to get started adding content to your SCORM Cloud account. Don’t leave it naked!

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