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What is a registration? Is that the same as a learner/user? How do you calculate registrations?


A registration is an instance of a unique learner associated with a single course. So if you have 1 learner taking 4 courses, that is counted as 4 registrations. Once they access the course, they can revisit the content as many times as they wish, without creating additional registrations.  

It’s important to note that a registration is not the same as a learner or a user. A registration simply associates a learner with a course.

SCORM Cloud plans are based on monthly registration volume. Once you figure out how many registrations you plan to deliver each month, simply pick the plan size that fits your usage. Calculating registrations is simple, we just use a little math. If you have 50 learners taking 3 courses each, they will generate 150 registrations. Check out the table below to see which plan suits your registration range best.

Plan Registration Range
Trial -
Little 1-75
Medium 76-150
Big 151-2,421
Bigger 2,422-43,000
Even Biggerer 43,001 +

There you have it. If you have any additional questions, let us know. We’re happy help!

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    Francisco Lopez


    If I have a student who has played the same course for several months, this student consumes registration of my contract every month or just the first month consumes reproduced content?



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    Jena LaWing

    Hi Francisco, 


    Thanks for reaching out. You will only be charged a registration on the initial launch of your content. So your students will continue to have access to your course for however long you allow them to, without generating additional registrations after their first launch. 


    Hope that helps clear things up! 



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    dunnhumby Education

    Hi Jena,
    What if we have a one version and then replace/overwrite it with a second version. Does that mean when a user who accessed the first version opens the new second version, they get a new license?

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    Ryan Donnelly

    Hi Ian,

    Overwriting should largely only be used when testing a course as it will reset the runtime data for the course. However, it will not create a new registration (license). They will see the newest version.

    With versioning, you have some options how to handle who sees the newest version via the "Move Existing Registrations To Newest Version When... " option:

    If Incomplete
    When Completed
    When Failed
    When Passed

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