Getting Started: Apps/API


Use SCORM Cloud to turn any application into a learning/training environment. If you’re using our Apps or the API, you will need an App Id and a Secret Key.  Your App Id and Secret Key are what connects your App with your SCORM Cloud account.

Here’s where you go to get them. 

  1. Log in to your SCORM Cloud account
  2. Click the ‘Apps’ tab
  3. Click the Application


  4. This will open up the information about your App. You will see your App ID and Secret Key.


There you go! That’s where you find your App ID and Secret Key.

Click here to view our client libraries and full API documentation.

Note that when you do a standard course import in SCORM Cloud, the course goes into your 'hidden' default AppID. If an authorization key is not present, you'll need to generate one. This can be done via the App detail page. Click "Add New" under the Authorization Keys header.

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