Getting Started: Reporting


Reportage is a tool inside of SCORM Cloud that delivers world-class tracking about your learners and your courses. Reports can either be bare bones or very in-depth. This is where you find who took your course and if they completed or failed your course.  

How you access Reportage depends on the type of reports you are looking for. If you’re wanting to access the full overview, including the reports and stats for all your learners and courses, just visit the History tab of SCORM Cloud and click ‘go to Reportage for Full Report’.


If you’re wanting reports for a specific course, choose that course from your Library and click the Reportage button on that course.


To get reports for a specific learner, click the Reportage button on that learners page within the People section in SCORM Cloud.


More information on Reportage can be found here.

*In order to see all Private invitations in Reportage (including un-launched invitations), you'll need to change the date range criteria to include "Created Between Dates" .


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