How do I clear existing registrations?


On a trial account, we give you 10 free active registrations to play around with to give you a taste of SCORM Cloud. You are free to use (and reuse) these 10 registrations as many times as you like until you are ready to upgrade to a paid account. To restart your count of the 10 free registrations, you will need to clear your existing registrations.

Clearing your existing registrations removes the connection between your learners and your courses. You won’t lose any reportage or anything like that. You are simply telling SCORM Cloud that no learners have launched your courses before.

Before you get started on clearing out your registrations- you will need to ensure that your set up to be able to delete them. Just click the Apps tab inside of SCORM Cloud and make sure your applications are all set to Enable Delete Operations. Not sure if this applies to you? Head over here to learn more.

To clear your registrations:

1. Log in to your SCORM Cloud account

2. Click the Account tab


3. Click “Clear Existing Registrations”


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    Hi Jena

    If I clear registrations, does it mean that all the learners in my Realm cannot access the course? How can I clear only those learners I don't want to keep registered?

    Thank you


    The Perfumery Art School UK

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    Jena LaWing

    Hi Isabelle- 


    Great question. Clearing registrations removes the link between all learners and your courses. There isn't a way to pick and choose what learners will still be registered for your course. 

    I hope that helps!



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    Noureldin Mostafa

    Hi folks,
    so we used to have the Medium account for 2 years now but our payment procedures are changing so we need to issue POs.

    So "Cleaning Registrations" disables the links that I shared before; can I create new links from my courses and share them again and so on until we manage our payment procedures?

    Thanks in advance.

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