Installing the SCORM Cloud Moodle Module*


What you need:

  • Moodle installation
  • SCORM Cloud account
  • Moodle Mod
  • New SCORM Cloud App

  1. Download our Moodle package from GitHub
  2. Extract the zip file of the Moodle module
  3. Copy the course/format/scormcloud folder into the course/format folder of your Moodle installation
  4. Copy the mod/scormcloud folder into the mod folder of your Moodle installation
  5. Log in to your Moodle account and click Notifications in the admin area to let Moodle know there’s a new mod to add
  6. Log in to your SCORM Cloud account Log in to your SCORM Cloud account and click the `Apps / API' tab.

  7. Create a new Application(if you haven’t done so already) by clicking “Add Application


  8. Name your new App, click “Submit” and then click the application to the AppID and Secret Key.


  9. In your Moodle installation, enter your Secret Key and AppId into the module configuration page

*Please note this plugin is not actively supported.

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