Installing the SCORM Cloud Sakai Module


What you need:

  • Sakai Installation
  • SCORM Cloud account
  • SCORM Cloud for Sakai Mod
  • New App in SCORM Cloud
  1. Download the SCORM Cloud mod from our GitHub repository.(There are packs for version 2.5 - 2.8)
  2. Copy the scormcloud-pack folder into the components folder in your Sakai installation
  3. Copy the scormcloud-api0.8.jar into the shared folder of your Sakai installation. (The number is the version number, so that changes)
  4. Copy the scormcloud-tool.war folders into the webapps folder of your Sakai installation
  5. Restart your Sakai, then log in and go to the Administration Workspace tab
  6. Create a New Workspace by clicking “Worksite Setup” and then “New

7. Choose your Site Type: Course site, Project site or Portfolio Site and click “Continue”

8. Enter your Site Information and click “Continue” at the bottom

9. Select the tools you want to include on your site and click “Continue”. Be sure to check the box next to SCORM Cloud

10. Set up the access options for your site. In most cases, leaving them as the default settings will be just fine.

11. Go to your new worksite and select SCORM Cloud on the list of tools for the site.

12. Log in to your SCORM Cloud account Log in to your SCORM Cloud account and click the Apps tab.

13. Create a new Application(if you haven’t done so already) by clicking “Add Application”

14. Name your new App, click “Submit” and then click “Show App Id” and Show Secret Key

15. Enter your AppId and Secret key from your new App in the SCORM Cloud Configuration page.

And you’re good to go!

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