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I want to change the roles of some users on my SCORM Cloud account, how do I do this?


SCORM Cloud has three roles that grant different levels of access to your SCORM Cloud account. Users can either be Owners, Administrators or Learners.

An Owner has access to manage all aspects of the realm, including billing information, adding content, sending invitations, view results and manage all user roles.

have limited rights to manage the realm. Administrators can send invitations, add content, view learner results, and manage Admin and Learner roles.

can only take the training that they have been invited to take and view their own training results.

Changing the roles of the users inside SCORM Cloud is easy. Start by logging in to your SCORM Cloud account and click the People tab.

  1. Click the user that will be undergoing the role change. If they aren’t in your Realm already, click Add Person and enter their information.


  2. At the bottom of the learner page, click ‘Change’ 


  3. Choose Learner, Administrator or Owner  from the dropdown menu and click ‘Save


*If the user does not yet have a SCORM Cloud account, they can use the "Forgot Password" option on the SCORM Cloud login page to create one.

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    Very helpful. Could you add an explanation of the difference between Owner and Administrator? Can there be only one owner? 

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    Jena LaWing

    Hi! An Owner can manage and has access to all things inside a Realm. This includes Billing, adding or removing content, learner data, etc.  An Administrator has access to most things in the Realm, except for billing information. They will be able to access all other information. 


    It's really up to you how many Owners you have in your account. We could recommend you have a certain number of Owners on your account, but we know each account is different. Just know if you want/need more Owners, you can certainly add them at any time. 

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    Jason Cleaveland

    Hi, want to learn more about the abilities of administrators. Can they be assigned to an individual group for reviewing outcomes without being able to see all groups?

    For instance, I have several departments with each manger responsible for training her people. Can she login as an administrator and see only the outcomes from her department or will she see outcomes from everyone and need to sort by group to collect her reportage.


    Thank you!


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    Bret Weinraub

    Yes there can be more than one owner.  That just grants you extra sets of privileges like managing your account.

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    Dan Richards

    I have the same question as Jason. My goal is to enable certain users to be able to register/enroll users only in courses they have control of and to view reportage just for those users/courses. Is there a way to restrict the Admin role to accomplish this? Would tagging those users help?

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    Joe Donnelly

    Hey Dan,

    Unfortunately, the permissions in the SCORM Cloud user interface are pretty "vanilla" in that if you are an administrator, you have power to assign/report on all training to all users in that particular realm. Even tagging wouldn't get you around this...

    The best bet you have is to use the [SCORM Cloud API]( from an application where you are handling the user authentication...that way you can handle the permissions stuff on your end while still harnessing the power of the SCORM Cloud. This would be some work, you would likely need a developer to help with this, but you could create the scenario you were looking for.

    If you have any questions, feel free to shoot Ryan and I a message at

    Thank you,


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