Player Skinning and Redirect "Keywords"


Just wanted to write a quick update about some useful new features that have recently been released to the SCORM Cloud. The first of these is a highly requested feature, which allows you to customize the look and feel of the SCORM Cloud player on launch. You can do this by specifying the new cssurl parameter when making a launch call (via GetLaunchUrl in one of our client libraries*). Note that the cssurl parameter needs to be an absolute url (like not a relative url (like '/styles/my-player-style.css'). 

The next feature is the inclusion of redirect "keywords" that can be used when launching a registration in the Cloud. Typically, when a registration is launched in the Cloud player, the user will need to be sent somewhere when they have completed their attempt. This "somewhere" is specified by the redirecturl parameter when launching, and beginning with this release, this parameter is required when launching. But in some cases, depending on how your application is integrated with the Cloud, you may want some very basic message or other functionality on exit. The redirect keywords are for that case. Now in addition to any url, you can also set the redirecturl parameter to "blank", "message", or "closer". The "blank" keyword will redirect to a completely blank html page, the "message" keyword will redirect to a page telling the user that the course has completed, and the "closer" keyword will redirect to a page that attempt to close the user's tab/window (note that default browser settings for most browsers may prevent javascript from closing the window). This feature provides a little extra convenience if you just want one of these simple exit scenarios, or during development.


For a base stylesheet to start with and modify, try our default stylesheet for modern plater that can be found here.

If you have any questions, please send a message to

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