Mismatched AppIds



I’m trying to register via API, but I’m seeing two different appIds... one in a course in my library and one in the Apps section. Why are these different? Do I change my appIds to match?


You do have two appIds but only one is available for external applications. AppIds found in your courses are for internal SCORM Cloud use,  including invitations and registrations originating from SCORM Cloud. 

Note that when you do a standard course import in SCORM Cloud, the course goes into your 'hidden' default appId. In order to import courses through the SCORM Cloud site but into your integration appId, you need to go to the apps page (where you found your appId and secret key) and import in the top-right area of that page. Prior to importing, though, you need to use the drop-down control just below the file selection control to select your external application. Importing in this manner will add the course to your chosen appId so you will have access to it in your external integration.
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