Timestamp sent outside of expiration error


The SCORM Cloud web services require a timestamp on each call. This is partly a security measure, to prevent the ability to replay a service request in the future. Therefore, we require the timestamp sent to be within a given window of time: the ts param can specify a time that is up to 15 minutes fast or slow, compared to the time on our servers when the request is received and executed. 

We sync our machine time using NTP and suggest the same to all systems that integrate with SCORM Cloud. Otherwise, without regular syncing to this agreed upon standard time, server times will tend to drift. If the drift exceeds the 15 minute window noted above, then every web service call will start resulting in this error:


<rsp stat="fail"><err code="107" msg="Timestamp sent is outside of expiration limit." ></err></rsp>


To resolve the issue, reset your server time to one retrieved from NTP. For more information, see the NTP Homepage ( ) and the man page for ntpdate ( )

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