What time zone are the getRegistrationResult "timestamp" values? (v1 API)


Hi -

When using registration results format "full", each interaction has a "timestamp" value that looks like "2011-02-25T17:27:11".

From looking at results for a test where I knew what time I took it, it looks like those timestamps are in the Mountain time zone.  Is that always going to be the case?  I need to know what time zone to expect them in so that when I display them to an end user I can convert them to the end user's time zone.




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Larry Leszczynski 
Atomic Learning

Hi David -

After posting I was thinking that the timestamps were probably in the browser time zone, if the player was recording them (which would make sense since I'm in the Mountain time zone).  I haven't had a chance to ask a colleague in a different time zone to take a test and see if they show up in his time zone.




February 28, 2011 09:07 am. edit.
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David Ells 
Rustici Software


It's our intention that all of the times retrieved from SCORM Cloud are delivered in the UTC timezone, and anything otherwise would indicate an oversight on our part. I'll check out the code for this web method and verify what we're doing there, and post here again to let you know. Thanks for the feedback!



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