Invalid service prefix or service unavailable: rustici.debug (v1 API)


hi Tim, could you confirm for me that the debug services are turned off, so that i know i'm getting an error for that reason and not because i'm forming my requests wrong?

here's my request:

and here's what i get back:

<rsp stat="fail">
<err code="201" msg="Invalid service prefix or service unavailable: rustici.debug"/>

The debug service was originally used primarily for testing purposes during the development of the web services. As such, it has, at times, included some extra functionality that was unsafe for publishing in a production environment. Now that we've released, it's become obvious that it would be very useful to offer a handful of these simple debug style service calls, but we'll need to take a quick look through the code to make sure we can do so safely. I'm putting this along with a few other items on the high priority list for updates to the services.

Note that the ping call, even when available, is unsecured and will not report errors about the way the request has been secured (through time-stamping and signing). I'll also look into providing a secured ping that will do so. In the meantime, a call to rustici.course.getCourseList will probably offer what you are looking for, by reporting errors, if any, in the signing of your requests, and otherwise giving you an empty course list via the returned xml. Give it a try and let me know how things go, thanks.

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