SCORM Cloud now has support for xAPI 1.0


xAPI 1.0 is here and available in SCORM Cloud!

What is the xAPI?


The xAPI is an evolution of SCORM, a previous standard managed by ADL. xAPI allows experiences of all kinds to be tracked using statements of a simple <subject> <verb> <object> form (e.g., “I did this”) that are then stored in a well-specified learning record store (LRS). Records of these learning activities are no longer confined to a single learning management system (LMS). Reporting systems can be granted access to all of the statements and can report against any combination of actors, verbs, and objects that they choose.


How does it work with SCORM Cloud?

In conjunction with the release of the open xAPIstandard, all of Rustici Software’s products fully support the 1.0 specification, as well as offering backward compatibility with the beta versions of the API. With SCORM Cloud you can now:


  • Import, deliver and track xAPI activities- just like you do with your SCORM and AICC content

  • Receive xAPI 1.0 statements in your hosted LRS available in your SCORM Cloud account

  • Backward compatibility to handle .90 and .95 statement, while also converting them to 1.0 statements

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