xAPI is now available with SCORM Cloud!


I’m sure you have all heard the buzz surrounding the xAPI. If you aren't familiar with what xAPI is, feel free to head over here for some  great information to bring you up to speed. We’re pretty excited about the things that xAPI brings to the eLearning world and we want to share that excitement with you.

SCORM Cloud already supports xAPI, which means that your SCORM Cloud account will let you start accepting xAPI statements from any xAPI activity, and can even be used as an LRS for an existing LMS. Head over here to learn more about SCORM Cloud + xAPI.

If that’s not already cool enough, we are now  pleased to announce that the xAPI works with not one, but all of our existing app integrations!

That means that you can bring all of the awesomeness of xAPI to your existing SCORM Cloud app integrations!

Don’t have an app integration yet? It’s easy to set up. Check out this post for help getting started.

We hope you are as excited as we are to get in there and start exploring. As always, if you have questions, send them our way. We’re happy to help.

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