Engine and Engine Dispatch 22.12.343


Released 2023-11-13


Bug Fixes

  • Added missing language resource files for Czech, Romanian, Slovak, and Ukrainian



  • [Java Only] Engine will now include an updated mime.types file so that files uploaded to S3 during import will use correct mime type in more cases
  • [Java Only] Updated dependency org.owasp.esapi for GHSA-7c2q-5qmr-v76q (which did not impact Engine since we are not using getFileUploads)
  • Rollup triggered by the X_RollupOnTerminate setting (SCORM 2004 only) will now cause an immediate post of data to Engine rather than waiting for the normal commit interval.
  • Engine will no longer collapse whitespace in SCORM Resource entry href values to prevent issues where this causes the course to not launch (very rare edge case). Note: there is a setting to revert this behavior if needed.
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