Content Controller V4.0.544


Content Controller 4.0 is here and will be especially useful to those seeking a more secure platform, easier event notifications, and additional course customizations.



Notifications can now be setup for specific events within Content Controller. This release allows notifications to be sent for events related to accounts, account content, courses and registrations. Webhooks can be configured from within the UI or via API calls. More detailed information on how to use Webhooks can be found in the Integration Documentation.


Lead-in Pages

The new lead-in page feature allows you to load a self-hosted web page before the learner enters the course. The Lead-in Page can be set up to show in front of every course within an account or the user can accept information from Content Controller to decide when the page should be shown. To learn about the differences between the GET and POST options for Lead-in Pages see the Integration Documentation.


Frontend Migrated to Vue

The look for Content Controller 4.0 is nearly identical to the look of 3.3. Behind the scenes Content Controller has moved the entire frontend from Angular to Vue. This change was done with the intention to minimize disruption to current users, steer Content Controller towards an interface that is easier to improve in the future and provide better security to our users.  

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