Engine and Engine Dispatch 22.8.305


Released 2023-08-16


Bug Fixes

  • Bookmarking is now used on relaunch of a Tin Can course even if tracking is disabled
  • Fixes exceptions for SCORM-to-xAPI statement generation when SCORM interactions do not provide an interaction type
  • Send content-type of application/vnd.ims.lis.v2.lineitem+json when creating an LTI 1.3 A&G line item

  • Fixes error when calling UpdateEncryptedSettings endpoint and local source xAPI Pipes are present
  • Fixes error when calling UpdateCredential endpoint when specifying the EngineTenantName request header
  • [Java Only] Avoid a 500 response when URLs with bad escape sequences in the querystring are passed to Engine
  • [Java Only] Fixed a bug where the DatabasePassword setting was not read properly (this is a mostly unused setting)
  • [Offline Extension] Fix issue with PlayerShowFinishButton being overridden to 'false' for all offline launches


  • LTI 1.1 Basic Outcomes request no longer returns an error when including charset in the Content-Type request header
  • Course id will now be included in importJob results even when the import fails (previously it only appeared if the course was successfully imported)
  • Added type validation for the additionalMetadata property on course imports
  • Improve performance when using statement pipes and multiple Engine instances are attempting to process pipes under heavy load
  • Better logging when Dispatch Request returns an empty error message
  • Adds new TenantWebHookAdditionalHeaders setting to allow setting of additional webhook headers at the tenant level. Renames WebHookAdditionalHeaders to SystemWebHookAdditionalHeaders (though original name will still work as an alias).


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