Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2023-08-09


Bug Fixes

  • Send content-type of application/vnd.ims.lis.v2.lineitem+json when creating an LTI 1.3 A&G line item
  • [Java Only] Updated bouncycastle for CVE-2023-33201(6.5)
  • [Java Only] Updated guava to latest release (32.0.1-jre), which resolves CVE-2023-2976 that did not impact Engine
  • [Java Only] Updated jackson to the latest release (2.15.2), and suppressed the warning for disputed CVE-2023-35116 that does not impact Engine
  • [Java Only] Avoid a 500 response on Java when URLs with bad escape sequences in the query string are passed to Engine


  • Bookmarking now works when launching a registration for a Tin Can course with 'tracking=false'
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