Engine and Engine Dispatch 22.7.272


Released 2023-06-30


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing CompletionDate in "CompletionChanged" notification payload
  • Fixes issue when using isDryRun parameter on import and including additionalMetadata
  • Fixes issue with "package properties" migration for pre-2015 Engine and row-copy upgrades
  • [Java Only] Updated guava to latest release (32.0.1-jre), which resolves CVE-2023-2976 (that did not impact Engine)
  • [Java Only] Updated jackson to the latest release (2.15.2), and suppressed the warning for disputed CVE-2023-35116 that does not impact Engine
  • [Java Only] Updated bouncycastle to the latest release (1.74) to resolve CVE-2023-33201
  • [Java Only] Prevents 500 error response when request to the LRS include url parameters without a value (e.g, url?myparam versus the normal url?myparam=myvalue)


  • Added a new setting PreviousApiTokenSecret so that ApiTokenSecret can be changed without breaking existing tokens
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