SCORM Cloud Release - 07/05/2023


Features / Changes

  • Updated the CloudFront security policy for the SCORM Cloud application from `TLSv1.2_2019` to `TLSv1.2_2021`
    • For almost all customers, there will be no difference in operation when this change goes into effect.
    • If you are using a very old browser that does not support the latest TLS 1.2 SSL ciphers, you may run into issues connecting to the SCORM Cloud web application and/or launched content.
    • For more information on the new security policy, please see the official AWS announcement about the updated policy, or the CloudFront docs.


We have rolled this change back as there were issues with customers who were using .NET to communicate with the API. We are discussing the best way to roll this change out, and will send updates once we figure that out.

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