Engine and Engine Dispatch 22.6.261


Released 2023-05-26


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where "Activated Background Processor" logs would sometimes appear twice on start-up
  • Webhooks now only log failures on INFO for initial and final attempts
  • Webhooks now truncate the message body printed in the log to the value of WebHookTruncateLoggedMessageBody
  • XapiGetAuthority exchange only triggers if typical xAPI auth mechanisms fail, rather than before they run
  • Webhook errors are now logged on the "Warning" level
  • Fixes PII deletion jobs for customers that upgraded from LWS Engine
  • Fixed AICC score logic to handle spacing around commas
  • Fixed bug in LTI 1.3 launch when EnableExternalIdEncryption was configured to true
  • [Java Only] Updates Jackson libraries to 2.15.1 with improved hardening against Uncontrolled Resource Consumption

    For Java customers using SQL Server 2016 (or higher) that are using a JNDI resource for your connection: please make sure you are using Microsoft JDBC version >= 12.2.x and add the `datetimeParameterType` property with a value of `datetime` to your connection string.


  • Course preview now works for LTI 1.3 launches
  • Fixes 404 errors caused by course packages that were compressed on a macOS
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