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Released 2020-12-22


NOTE: If you are currently using Dispatch and creating LTI 1.3 dispatches, please note that there is a possibility that an LTI 1.3 dispatch launch that occurs while you are deploying this update in a multi-server setup will fail. If you think you will be in this situation, feel free to reach out to us for further information. 


Bug Fixes

  • Stop updateAssets API requests from incorrectly showing error messages when the updateAssetPolicy is set to either reject or strict
  • Prevents parsing error from request logging when using /courses/upload endpoint
  • When deleting courses through the API with the ApiCourseDeleteAttemptDeleteFiles setting enabled, only the first course version was getting deleted from the file system previously. Now all versions will be removed


  • Improve error messages for certain types of exception in xAPI request processing
  • Remove detailed exception messages from launch page and AICC processor responses
  • Modified default global.asax to include support of TLS 1.1 and 1.2 with outgoing requests (postbacks) on .NET 4.5
  • The /preview API resource will now return a "Not Supported" error for CMI5 courses, rather than returning a launch url which then could fail when used
  • Cleans up orphaned registration to learner mapping records internally if Engine fails to create a registration through the API (edge case)
  • Allow adding HMAC512 / HMAC256 signatures to postbacks (if using the WebHookAuth plugin)
  • Improvements to size of request when using UseDeltaRecordResultsPayload and course that record interactions

Dispatch Changes


  • Add JWT to LTI 1.3 dispatch launch page url to protect against tampering with parameters
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