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Simple SCORM Packager can support multiple SCO packages. This means that you are able to create an AICC or SCORM package that contains multiple modules or topics within a single SCORM or AICC package.



The Simple SCORM Packager (SSP) creates your metadata and manifest files. Then, it zips these files with your course content. The resulting package can then be loaded into your Learning Management System (LMS) and students can take the course.


The Simple SCORM Packager (SSP) includes all files necessary to make your content SCORM or AICC conformant and creates packages to run on any SCORM or AICC conformant LMS.


Technical Features

  • NEW: Support for AICC
  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 (2nd, 3rd, 4th Editions) conformant
  • NEW: Simple SCORM Packager allows you to create single and multiple SCO packages
  • NEW: Pass data into your course through SSP’s support for Passing Score, Time Limit Action, Data From LMS and Parameters
  • Create content aggregation and resource packages
  • Supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 2nd Edition, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, and SCORM 2004 4th Edition
  • Choose between ZIP and non-ZIP format
  • Wizard style interface
  • Supports all media types
  • Require additional features? Contact us


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If the items that you are packaging with SSP are SCOs then in order for progress and completion to be tracked you will need to add SCORM runtime commands to the FLASH files. This can only be done with the FLASH IDE since FLASH .swf are compiled and can not be edited directly. If you need assistance with setting up this code let me know.
  • If the items are assets then you may try adding them as assets and select multi sco package. Then the progress and completion should work also.
  • The trial version is the exact same as the paid for version. The issue that you are describing is usually due to the fact that you have not entered the mandatory data for the SCOs. The star “*” next to the fields indicate they are required and at the top of the page there is a *Required Fields text. When you get to the last page of SSP it will print the text “none” next to any items that you must have to complete the packaging process.
  • If you have runtime calls in your SCO that are sending the score to your LMS but the score is just not reported then you should check to see what score reporting requirements are in place on your LMS. Some LMS require that you send a status of completed in order to move the score to the grade book so you may want to look at that.
  • If you are just packaging HTML or FLASH files that do not contain any SCORM runtime data then you will need to add this SCORM runtime data before you can pass a score to the LMS. SSP does not add this code but we can assist you with adding the proper SCORM runtime code if you are interested.
  • If you are using SCORM 1.2 then no, there was no good way in SCORM 1.2 to force the user to take the SCOs in order, There is something called prerequisites that you can use in SCORM 1.2 to perform this task, however most LMS do not support the prerequisites so they are rendered useless. If your LMS supports prerequisites, then you may be able to force the order in SCORM 1.2, but Simple SCORM Packager does not allow you to implement prerequisites as they are not widely supported by the community.
  • For SCORM 2004 there are many ways, using Sequencing and Navigation to force the user to take the SCOs in order.  Simple SCORM Packager does not provide support for these options currently.
  • SCORM 2004 has the ability to force the user from one sco to the next, SCORM 1.2 had a similar ability but it was not widely supported. At the current time the latest version of Simple SCORM Packager does not support this feature.
  • If you recently changed computers your serial number may not work on the new pc. If this is the case send us and email and we can reset it for you. If you the computer that you installed SSP on is not connected to the internet then you will not be able to register the serial number. Please contact up and we can help. Sometimes, if you are behind a firewall there is an issue with registration. As of SSP 2.1 this firewall issue should be resolved.
  • Yes, it will package them into a SCORM package and create the imsmanifest file.
  • The navigation and SCORM run-time calls will need to be added to the HTML files. If you do not have this functionality currently we have wrappers that will provide you with all of this functionality that we customize for your particular course and you can use these wrappers with Simple SCORM Packager.
  • SSP will try and create all projects under “C:\Program Files (x86)\JCASolutions\SimpleSCORMPackager_20\data”
  • If you do not have administrator privileges on the machine running SSP then your project files will be stored in “C:\Users\[YOUR_USER NAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\JCA Sulutions\SimpleSCORMPackager_20\data”
    [YOUR_USER NAME] = the user name you use to log into the PC with.
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