Engine and Engine Dispatch 22.5.246


Released 2023-04-14


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where exiting the SCORM player by closing the window could lead to results not being rolled up properly on Firefox
  • Improves performance when ScormToTinCanHistorical is active
  • Fixes a bug where ScormToTinCan would not work properly if set through the BackgroundProcessors setting
  • Creating a subscription no longer erroneously requires setting the "timeoutMS" property
  • [Java Only] Fixes import and runtime error for TinCan courses that contain certain technically invalid characters in the activity ID's host name that previously would have been allowed in older Engine versions
  • [Java Only] Fixes CVE-2020-8908 by updating guava
  • [.NET; MySQL only] - Fixed launch error caused by missing db param type
  • [Java Only] Fixes issues with datetime and datetime2 comparison for SQL Server versions 2016+. 

    For Java customers using SQL Server 2016 (or higher) that are using a JNDI resource for your connection: please make sure you are using Microsoft JDBC version >= 12.2.x and add the `datetimeParameterType` property with a value of `datetime` to your connection string.


  • Performance improvement for media content launches to reduce initial load time
  • Added a isDryRun boolean to the ImportJobResultSchema
  • Webhooks will not trigger when isDryRun is true on the import request
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