SCORM Cloud Release - 02/16/2023


Features / Changes

SCORM Cloud Website

  • Fixed issue where account billing address validation errors would not surface in the UI
  • Fixed issue with validating learner information provided when creating an Invitation


  • Added some missing / broken configuration settings at the Application level:  ApiImportResultsPostbackUrl, AppLrsAuthCallBackUrl, PrivacyPolicyTextCloudPrivacyPolicyEnabled and CustomerPrivacyPolicyEnabled
  • Fix issue where the error description was not appropriately returned from GetPrivateInvitationJobStatus if the Invitation job failed
  • Fix issue where providing an invalidLaunchAuthType configuration during an update call would result in the value being set toVAULT. Now an appropriate error message is returned
  • Fix issue with BuildRegistrationLaunchLink which allowed blank additionalvalues causing launches to fail. An error will now be returned from this call if additionalvalues is malformed
  • Added launchHistoryId field to schema returned byGetRegistrationLaunchHistory
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