Engine and Engine Dispatch 22.3.189


Released 2023-02-03


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes preview launch failures
  • Fixes issues around Subscription/AuthConfig look-ups when SystemDatabaseEnabled is set to 'false'
  • Fixed a bug in which launching an AICC course with ContentVaultEnabled set to 'true' could result in an improper course content url (404 Status)
  • [.NET Only] Fixes NewtonSoft dependency conflict in the database upgrade tool


  • Removed exit confirmation alert window from media content player when clicking the Close button
  • Moved launch history expiration to a background process (performance improvement for systems using this feature)
  • Improves media content player UI controls for PDF courses accessed on mobile devices (small screens)
  • Engine now rejects values for `BackgroundProcessors` with identical `instance` values or `processor` values within an instance


Dispatch Changes


  • Engine now puts the course description (if there is one) into the CRS file for AICC dispatch packages
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