Content Controller V3.1.379



  • Added new public API endpoints for managing license templates
  • Added a new public API for editing accounts
  • Allow users to specify the version of RXD when importing or editing RXD content
  • Improved input validation when creating "License by account" accounts through the API
  • Expose more advanced settings for SCORM 1.2 courses
  • Increased maximum length of user IDs and emails in the web app
  • Improved input validation when editing user details.
  • Added the account ID of the content being launched as a query parameter on the first page of the content.
  • Improved performance of endpoints for recording progress during Tin Can courses.
  • Added the ability to encrypt traffic between the app server and the database (see self-hosting documentation for details)
  • Added Ansible setting for manually specifying JAVA_HOME

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug that displayed an error message when non-admins try to share content.
  • Fixed a bug with creating accounts with the UNLIMITED license type that are later changed to a different license type.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a blank page when exiting the course in certain LMSes.
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