Content Controller V3.1.352



  • Added new settings that can be used to authorize SSO users based on the attributes provided by the IdP
  • Added support for using EC2 instance profile to access content on S3
  • Added 'notes' property to endpoints for creating licenses
  • Only run database-related tasks once during the deployment, even when deploying to multiple app servers.
  • Improved how interactions are combined between versions and courses in the learner report.
  • Upgrading to Tomcat 9 due to Tomcat 7 EOL
  • Added support for Red Hat and CentOS 8

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the date selector UI element.
  • Fixed a bug with selecting versioned courses in equivalents for the learner report.
  • Fixed a bug with the learner report caused by attachment interactions.
  • Fixed a bug with using SAML for self-hosting customers when the Ansible setting "data_root" is set to a non-default value.
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