Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2021-03-26


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes error when PlayerCaptureHistoryDetailed is false and UseDeltaRecordResultsPayload is true
  • [Java Only] Updates jaxws-tools to 3.0 to bring woodstock-core past 5.1.0 due to a CVE in that dependency


  • Added settings to enable a seek forward button and a seek backward button on videoJS player (AudioVideoPlayerSeekForward and AudioVideoPlayerSeekBackward, which are the number of seconds to skip)
  • Added setting to configure possible playback speeds on videoJS player (AudioVideoPlayerPlaybackRates, which is a comma-delimited list of playback rates to display in as options)
  • Requests to PlayerConfiguration.jsp|aspx with expired launch tokens will now return a 403 status rather than 500
  • The settings ltiBaseUrl and xAPIUrl are now available at the tenant level rather than only at the system level (useful only when combined with some specific infrastructure setups)
  • If ScoLaunchType is set to new window, communication error alerts will be displayed in that new window rather in the player window that is in the background.
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