Content Controller V3.1.346



  • Added support for distributing courses as LTI 1.1 using Thin Common Cartridge
  • Allow editing and setting equivalent tags through the public API
  • Added public API endpoint for importing RXD courses
  • Added public API endpoints for generating links that can be used to download a dispatch package

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug when setting content title via the API.
  • Fixed bug with searching by tag when creating a bundle
  • Fixed a bug with the account usage overview report undercounting learners
  • Fixed bug with the account count in the content usage overview report
  • Fixed typo in Danish text on equivalent pages
  • Fixed bug with searching using an apostrophe
  • Fixed bug with creating previews using percent signs in the name
  • Fixed bug with RXD packages that were imported on CC 3.0+ that posted results to the incorrect domain


  • Fixed XSS vulnerability


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